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share your precious time in the ZEN SUITE


Up to a party of three in our Buddha Suite


~ One hour of celebrating your friendship ~

 Lemon Butter Massage for target spots & Mini Facial for a fresh look

$198 for two and one hour total and a bit

or 90 min. total for three and a bit $310

Book the "Lounge" for an extra 30 min. with Cava/Mimosas, Cheese and Crackers for $55*


~ You are special ~ I am special ~

Sugar Smoothie Mummy Wrap & Hydra Facial, Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage

$318 for two/100 min.

Book the "Lounge" for an extra 30 min. with Cava, Cheese and Crackers for $55*

* ask for availability



~ Little Buddies going Hot & Cold

Scrub massage application, Thermowrap up to 85F, cooling face towles on your forehead, hop under the duett rainshower to wash off the scrub and cooling down and rush back on the massage table for a quick and brisk firm massage and Laminaria face mask

Rest and munch on crackers and salmon or  a salami plate

$428/3 hours

Book the "Lounge" for an extra 30 min. with Cava Prosecco or wine and refreshments $55*

                                                        * ask for availability


Book: 410-558-1185 or and please leave a message with desired dates and times