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Mom and Dad and Mom to be/New Mom, new Dad?

You are on the journey becoming a mom, a family. Congratulation!

We take care of you to stay relaxed during this time.



"I don’t really write reviews, but Regina at Spa Adagio is just that special that I had to. The ambience and welcoming/tranquil energy from the moment you walk in is amazing. I am 40 weeks pregnant & got a bomb deep massage by Regina and it was heaven on earth. I had been really stressed/anxious and this massage put me in the best mental/physical state to prepare for childbirth. I could not thank Regina more!" May 2024



NEW! Prenatal Partner Massage Class! As the partner you want to be involved hands- on, give and bond with your partner having a Baby! Most ask what they can do. Here is a wonderful way to be totally engaged by learning to massage your loved one. Learn a wonderful step -by - step way to give a relaxing and safe massage. Don't forget that the Father is birthing too!

Healthy for Mom, your Baby and you as the partner!

Manual and Video included! 2 hours of love, fun and laughter. $358 for a lifelong connection

Prenatal Bliss Package → $228/ 90min. 

The Back Massage in side lying position and Peel and Glow Facial comes with to rounds of a soothing* upper back, shoulder and neck massage. While the face treatment and mask nourishes your skin we tend to your legs and feet and massage gently but thoroughly.

Book now: (410) 558-1185  or and please leave a message with desired dates and times


Excellent Baby Shower Gift! Prenatal-Massage → $128/60min. or deep tissue work $158, for both parents $348 in the Zen Suite with some extra down time for each other

This is such a special treatment Good for you and your Baby. Baby's "first massage" in the womb. The massage is performed while you are comfy in sidelying and if possible for you briefly in supine position.

After your first trimester call us and come in.

TIP: get a series of 7 one for every month :)  for $700.Your partner* will get a complimentary 30min. massage at your last appointment!

IDEA! *Give one to your husband,midwife or whoever is/was at your side during labor.

Book now: (410) 558-1185or and please leave a message with desired dates and times



PUT THIS ON YOUR WISH LIST - New Mom - the thank you treat  $268/ 2hrs. 

After giving birth it is time to re-energize. Everyone is looking at your Baby - We take care of you.

The Honey peeling and wrap make you feel one with your body . Enjoy the re- hydrating facial while lying in the soothing wrap. The warm rain shower rinses all stress away.  Sink onto the warm/or not warmed massage table for the massage your style.

Book now: (410) 558-1185 or and please leave a message with desired dates and times


Postpartum Massage - Giving birth is hard work! And then just wonderful!

Why not enjoying three sessions →$354 for three/ ea. 60min. or $564 for three/ ea. 90 min.

Giving birth is an enormous act of strenght and is asking the body to do something magical. A perfect human is born.

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, tired, happy, sore, are a normal range of emotions and feelings the new Mom can experience.

Feed your body as it starts to change after nine month of child bearing into a new self.

EXTRA: Warm oils for the belly, warm/hot towels to create calm are applied.
The whole body massage is geared toward your needs. A cocoon wrap during the face and scalp massage with lavender aromas let you find peace and rest.


Book now: (410) 558-1185or and please leave a message with desired dates and times


Our Booking & Cancellation Policies

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