1. Where does the treatment take place?

Your treatment takes place in a quiet vintage style room. We run relaxing music if you wish.

2. Who is providing the service?

All Massage Therapists and Estheticians are Maryland licensed. Regina makes sure that everybody is providing high quality service. We are always up to date with the current cutting edge treatments. Please make sure to give us all necessary information about health issues you might have. For getting the best results tell us about your needs.


3. Do I have to undress completly?

You tell us what your comfort level is. Some services are provided while you are fully clothed. Otherwise you are alway properly draped. We have soft sheets and blankets handy to make sure that you stay warm. For your privacy we will always leave the room until you are under the sheets.


4. Do I have to undress in front of the therapist?

Never because we respect your privacy. Before we enter the room we will knock at the door. We also ask you to not  disrobe or sheet moving off your body by you in front of us.


5. What does it mean to receive a massage?

We will talk the service over with you before we start. As for the swedish massage and others: you might be face down first and we begin with the back massage before you will enjoy the leg massage. After you turned in supine position we start with a soothing and cleansing face massage, neck and arm massage. The session closes with the leg and foot massage.

We will never touch any private parts or those you do not want to be massaged! The standards of ethic (SEO's) apply to our business! Ask us if you want to read those SOE's.

6. What massage cream do you use?

The best and skin friendliest creams or oils. They not only give a great slip for smooth massage strokes but provide hydration for the skin. In case of allergies to certain ingredientes let us know.

We provide many massages and have to take care of our skin as therapists. That is why we are very adament to use the best skin care line.



7. I never had a massage before what now?

Make sure to tell us why you want a massage and ask us all the question you might have. We will explain the steps to you. It is important to speak up if the pressure is too light or to deep. You should never feel pain. Altough you might feel a "sweet pain". We will explain that to you before the session.

To give a massage is art work. We all studied the human body and we are in constant training.


8. How long is one session?

Our massages can go from 30 minutes; 50 minutes; 70 minutes or 90 minutes.

Please arrive preferably 10 minutes before your appointment and calculate some plus time for after the session.

Bring your planer to schedule your next appointment within the next weeks. Ask us about our packages; membership and loyality programs.


9. I want to come more regularly do you have an offer?

Once being at Spa Adagio you might wonder how to procede.

If something feels good and is taken care of, you want to put this into your life routine. The well being is important for you.

Make it a habit like going to the Dentist and book your next session accordingly to stay healthy and happy.

We have membership programs and other offers in place because we appreciate your business.